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Player name: Courtney
Age: 19
Contact: [plurk.com profile] nidorina
Other characters: Aoi Asahina & Sayaka Miki

Character name: Myrrh
Series: Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones
Canon point: Just before the beginning of Chapter 16 (Ephraim's route)
History wikis: Myrrh's page, another page, FE8 plot summary

For the actions of her father and her own quest to test the limits of the demon king's dark influence, Myrrh has been worshiped by the people of Caer Pelyn as the "Great Dragon" for nothing short of centuries. Though she sounds like quite the enigmatic figure when described—a millennium-old being equal parts human and dragon raised in the woods in which the demon king Fomortiis's corpse lies and taints the earth so thickly as to spawn mythical monstrosities, adopted by the legendary hero who led the charge that slayed Fortomiis and ended his reign of terror and resigned the rest of his years to guarding his corpse and defending humans from revenants, set out on her own journey to follow her foster father's path following Fortomiis's revival—but in reality, Myrrh is...rather unimposing.

The wide dragon wings on her back don't make for an ordinary appearance by any means, but getting past that, Myrrh looks to be, at most, twelve years old, despite being closer to twelve hundred. Rarely does she find the confidence to speak; when she does, her voice is soft, her sentences short, and it's almost always in concern for another person instead of ever advocating for herself. Her sense of compassion is powerful; despite that Selena, general of Grado, steals Myrrh's dragonstone and holds it captive from her, Myrrh recognizes that Selena was still a good person after she let Myrrh return to Ephraim's side rather than use her as a hostage in a fight Selena was willing to die for because of her loyalty to her kind emperor. Though Myrrh understands the horrors of war, she still mourns for Selena at the battle's end, and says, "How many good people must die alongside the wicked?" and expressing her desire to bring the country's suffering to an end. Quiet and reserved, Myrrh puts others first and stifles her emotions for their sake; after the death of her father, whom she had been so childishly excited to see again, she insists the tears in her eyes are the burning poison of the Darkling Woods and, once she's figured out, that it's nothing and she has no right to cry after everything everyone else has been through.

Being put on a pedestal for so long has done nothing for Myrrh's ego; rather, she feels undeserving of receiving reverence. Her father is the great one, even though she shares his title of "Great Dragon." In her own words, she has done nothing, and she isn't great at all.

If humans don't deify her, they generally treat her with disgust. Myrrh has always understood; "We are both human and monster. And because we are both, we are also neither. We have the power of dragons; therefore, we cannot live together with humans... We have the hearts of humans; therefore, we do not belong with monsters. We are outcasts in this world, never a part of either community. And so we live our lives alone, never to be understood by anyone." There is a bridge between her and the rest of humanity that Myrrh feels is impossible for her to cross. Humans will always other her, either by exalting or abusing her, because she is something else. She has always felt like an outcast, and she's always been lonely—more than anything, Myrrh craves companionship.

This is part of her attachment to Ephraim. When she's separated from her guard, Saleh, slavers capture her and take her dragonstone, rendering her powerless. Ephraim rescues her, but doesn't immediately move to treat her like the Great Dragon—he does so because she's an innocent little girl in danger. He's one of the first humans who doesn't treat her like something too special to be touched, but just like a girl. In his presence, she speaks more readily, though usually directly to him. She stays close to his side and, on the few occasions that she becomes lost, immediately cites to others that she wishes to return to Ephraim, always citing him by name.

Despite her great power, legacy, and age, Myrrh is very young for a Manakete and, while she's far wiser and better-spoken than your average twelve-year-old, she's still quite childish. Though she understands the importance of her status and the responsibilities that come with it, she cares little for the honor she receives for it. Above all, she wants to belong, to have friends, and be loved.

As a Manakete, as long as she's in possession of her dragonstone, a small golden rock, Myrrh is capable of turning into a dragon (here's a size comparison to an average adult human). While in her dragon form, Myrrh can breathe fire and wreck shit. As one would expect from a giant motherfucking dragon, Myrrh is particularly physically strong and sturdy in this form, although she's highly susceptible to being injured by arrows.

Myrrh will be able to transform a maximum of three times every day, and breathe fire a total of three times a day max.

If she's ever separated from it, Myrrh is able to sense the presence of her Dragonstone, even from a great distance. Additionally, she can sense demonic forces and dark energy, and is especially susceptible to its negative affects. Given these trends and those of other magic-sensing characters, it's likely that Myrrh can get a general sense of where magic energy of all sorts is coming from, including knowing if someone is magical (though no more specific than "dark magic" and "not dark magic"). Though the second is unlikely to come up, all are always on abilities.

Myrrh has a very long natural lifespan—exact figures are never given, but other Manakete in the series have lived for tens of thousands of years. In her human form, Myrrh is no stronger than a human, and can still be injured and killed.

Entry: She'll probably find her own way in!


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